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What Does COPD Support Look Like in Your Life?

Last updated: November 2019

A COPD diagnosis can leave a person feeling lonely and down. Receiving support is an integral part of the COPD journey for many. Answer some of our polls below and see what others are saying about support in their own lives!

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How supported do you feel with your COPD journey?

Supportive networks and personal support systems look different for everyone. (Don't feel that you have a solid support system in place? Click here for advice on where you can begin to build one!)

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Who do you turn to for support? (Choose all that apply)

Sometimes friends, family, and others in our lives have no idea where to begin with support. What can someone do to better support you and your journey with COPD and condition management?

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What can someone do to better support you? (Choose all that apply)

Have you ever considered your role in supporting others with COPD?

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Do you feel like you could support other members of the COPD community?

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