a woman is breathing in deeply as she inhales items that suggest a healthy lifestyle, such as diet and exercise.

Self Love Is Acceptance

Acceptance of our condition is acceptance of our life situation and our COPD.

Accept your situation

The key to being chronically ill is to accept your situation. It does not mean that you must like it or agree with it or resign yourself to it. Acceptance is the action of bringing awareness into your present situation and acknowledging it for what it is and what is true at this moment while concentrating on your breath.

For those of us with COPD, the pain of not being able to catch our breath is scary. When we resist that pain it causes our suffering to increase. Once we are short of breath, many things happen and one of them is to lose the ability to control our bowels and bladder. An unhappy conclusion to being short of breath.

Decide what to do about it

We can not avoid this but once we accept it, we can minimize the effects. Acceptance is the state of mind that commits to the present moment just as it is, without trying to change it and allows us to be short of breath without making the situation worse.

It is an active state of awareness that does not keep you stuck, it carries you through. You do not have to like something to accept it, rather it is seeing the reality of the situation. It is the action of seeing clearly what is happening and what specific problems it causes.

Once you are aware you can then decide what to do about it. You can decide to exercise regularly, adopt good nutrition practices, and work on keeping your thoughts positive. Ignoring problems increases resentment and makes you push back against what can help you now, at this moment.

Acceptance at its best

You do not have to agree with the situation, it is what it is. You can, however, learn to control the situation and induce calm. When you acknowledge the reality of the situation you can learn to change what you can control. When you look realistically at a situation, you can then decide what to do about it.

Bringing your attention to the present allows you to see what is true. Now you are practicing acceptance. You can acknowledge the reality of the moment by letting go of ideas of what should be or how you wish they would be, this is acceptance at its best.

It is this action that will lift you out of being stuck in the “I don’t like it" or "it's not fair” into the “What is the most sensible thing to do at this moment?” Mindfulness meditation helps you to build acceptance and bring your mind back to the breath - helping you accept the moment as it is.

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