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My ME Day

Very often when I need sleep the most, like when I am sick, sleep eludes me. Today, I feel like I am on the right side of the flu. Starting the day with meditation from a phone app seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day. There would be no work done today. I declared this my ME day. After all, once you have been through an exacerbation with cold and flu and survived, a PAMPER ME day seemed like the perfect treat to me.

What could a self care day for COPD look like?

After having a bout of cold and flu and being under the weather for almost two weeks, I finally had a good night’s sleep. In fact, I haven’t had a proper sleep in over 6 nights, but last night I slept like a log. Sleeping is always so very hard with COPD because breathing impacts sleep along with the meds that I need to make me better. I am often robbed of valuable sleep and wake in the morning wanting about 3 more hours of sleep.

Meal planning for your best nutrition

Meditation leads to breakfast. I prepared the most delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast with 2 slices of hard cheese. I am being mindful as I eat in silence, savoring the sight and smell of this delicious meal. This meal took care of my protein and fiber requirements. It also filled a void I felt after being sick for a while. Once breakfast is done it is time to set out on my exercise. When I am sick in bed, the first thing that seems to go out of the window is exercise.

Exercising to release endorphins and invite movement

So, I began my exercise regime in earnest with a mindful attitude. Keeping my mind on my movements and not allowing my mind to wander, I start a little earlier in the day and work a little harder. I can now spread my exercise out over the day, getting more accomplished. This is such a great idea, I am not sure why I didn’t think of it before.

Now I do half my regime in the morning and spread the rest throughout the day. I am almost insured to get all the steps that I need and a bit more. I continue following my rule of not sitting for more than an hour without getting up and moving around. After exercise, I have a snack: bananas for potassium and an orange for vitamin C.

Implementing mindfulness into the routine

Showering usually makes me feel like a million bucks after it’s over but it is one of the hardest of all tasks for me. So I decided to make it a mindful shower. I begin by making a mental note of what it would look like and I happily anticipate it. I imagine the feel of the water and what it will smell like. This entices me to go through with it, keeping my mind in the moment and not letting any anxiety in, I proceed.

Savoring my daily shower

I decide to use the special towels normally saved for company. Keeping on that trend, I also use the special shampoo and conditioner that is also being saved. I decide that there will be no jumping in and out of the shower. Using mindfulness, I will enjoy this pleasure and savour every moment of warm water and the scents that I can tolerate the most. My body senses every droplet of water.

Now I proceed with a manicure followed by a pedicure and finish with a shave of my legs. Starting to feel myself again, I decided that since this was a ME day for me, I would continue on by reading my favorite book in my window nook.

Self-care is well-deserved and necessary

I saw all the kids out playing and enjoying the last of the warm summer weather days. Even though those days are long past for me, being mindful brings back so many memories.

This was truly a ME day, so well deserved and necessary for my well-being.

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