Practicing Self-Care on a Budget

Last updated: May 2018

Taking care of ourselves is vital, but it can often be harder than it seems. Keeping ourselves emotionally and physically healthy can take time, planning and often - money. Many of those self-care “treats” people recommend - like going to the spa, or buying healthy organic food - can be expensive.

Does this mean if we’re on a budget, we won’t be able to practice self-care as efficiently? Absolutely not!!

There are MANY ways we can practice self-care every day without spending a single penny.

And even if we did want to treat ourselves every once in awhile, there are low-cost options that won’t break the bank, and will be just as effective!

Check out some of these tips below!


The air we breathe is free and abundant, though breathing, of course, can be a challenge with COPD. One way to practice self-care is to breathe! Taking a moment for yourself, whether it’s at your desk at work, or in bed when you’re having a particularly hard time getting up, taking 30 seconds to close your eyes and try breathing strategies as provided by your doctor or specialist (we have several breathing strategies explained here!). Whether you’re clearing your mind while you're doing it, or picturing a favorite memory, it is a time where you can focus exclusively on YOUR needs and is totally FREE!

Practicing Good Hygiene

With self-care, we often talk about nourishing our bodies with plenty of water and good food. If you can do this, that is awesome! But one thing many people forget that is also part of taking care of ourselves is practicing good hygiene. Setting aside time to take a cleansing warm shower, brushing your teeth a little extra if you can, or flossing can make you feel all the better and ready to take on what comes next. When we get stressed or down, we often forget how rewarding the basics can feel.

Changing Your Mindset

Your mind is yours and at your control 24/7. While we all can get overwhelmed or caught up in negative emotions and thoughts, making small mental shifts daily can lead to a world of difference. Taking a minute to pat yourself on the back, or making a mental list of things you love about yourself can lead to a brighter outlook. Even just paying attention during everyday activities, and finding a handful of beautiful or interesting things around you, can help put you on the right train of thought for the rest of your day.

Adjust Technology and Social Media Habits

We are sometimes bombarded by our social media accounts and technology. While some of this can be beneficial, especially when used to connect with communities like ours where you can find support, it isn’t hard to get overwhelmed by the various negative sentiments, arguments, or demands that social media places on us. Take an hour to unplug from your devices and play a fun game, or call a friend! Another great cleansing and self-care tip can be to de-clutter your social media. Take a little bit of time to “hide” posts from individuals who are constantly clogging your feed with sourness. You don’t need to unfriend them, but you can edit what (and who) you see on your daily homepages!

Practice Self-Awareness

Self-awareness can come in many forms. Whether it’s just having the courage to say “no” to something you really don’t want or need to do, or taking time to catch up on appropriate educational resources related to any struggles you are currently dealing with, knowing what you're up against and what you need can help you shape the way you approach situations in the future. Our communities have tons of news articles, clinical articles, and all-around detailed, and factual content about many things you may be experiencing throughout your daily struggles. Use your resources to stay in the know, and structure what you do based on what YOU need and want!

Never forget:

Self-care can take on so many equally beneficial forms, so long as we stick to it and remember it is a never-ending journey. Try to make little, practical shifts every day, and keep building on what you’ve established!

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