Pets: What’s Your Experience?

Many people in the community enjoy the companionship of a wonderful pet – especially during tough times. See if you can relate, and please share your COPD-related experiences with your pet in the comments below! We’d love to hear your pet stories!

Some people in the community have found that their pet acts differently before or during a COPD flare. It’s as if they know something is happening!

If your pet seems to notice when you’re feeling down, you’re not alone! Based on the experiences of community members here at, that can be common!

Isn’t it interesting when your pet is protective of you? Some of our community members have noticed this happening more due to COPD symptoms at times!

Many people say that the unconditional love of a pet not only brightens their day, but helps them get through rough spots with COPD.

This might sound unbelievable, but we’ve heard from community members that sometimes when they cough due to COPD, their pet starts coughing too! It’s amazing what a connection there can be between pets and the owners who love them!

Thank goodness for the compassion of a good pet! It’s almost like they can tell when you need a hug… and they do their best to give you one!

Many people find it challenging to exercise, yet getting out to walk or play with your pet can be a great way to take on this challenge.

It can be really hard to get a good night’s sleep when you have COPD. Some pet owners have noticed that their pet stays awake with them during those hard nights!

Many people find it so comforting to have a pet by their side during struggles with COPD.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about this topic of pets and dealing with COPD! Please feel free to add any additional thoughts in the comments.

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