No Job's Done Until the Paperwork Is Done

Paperwork has never been one of my forces. That can be balancing a checkbook, helping the grandkids with their homework, or even switching insurance policies and coverage. It's crazy. This information must be written in some foreign language, especially insurance. I guess I should mention I was having to switch from Medicare and another plan to Medicare and a supplement. As if this wasn’t enough for my feeble mind, we also had to switch my husband’s full coverage to a totally new plan.

Finances affect all of us

Before I go any further, I want to say that this has nothing to do with politics. This discussion is about some of the struggles that we face as we live with a chronic illness.

Finances affect all of us. We need money for food, health items, housing, clothing, and even appliances. For miscellaneous items such as soaps, oral supplies, such as toothbrushes, etc. Don't forget cosmetics and grooming items. There are also medical supplies, medical treatment, and even health and medical insurance. Prescriptions can be very expensive - without insurance or an insurance supplement, many would not survive. Some chronic illnesses aren’t life-threatening. However, many are.


Let’s talk about COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

  1. Chronic means that this disease goes on for a long time
  2. Obstructive is a blockage that can slowly damage the lungs and can affect how a person breathes
  3. Pulmonary is of the lungs
  4. Disease describes a condition that causes pain, distress, disabilities, and even death

COPD is a disease that I have as do many more on this site and beyond. It makes sense that we need to focus not only on our health but also on the ways and means to take care of our abilities to do so. That’s why this paperwork is so important.

The wrong glasses

Sometimes I think that I have the wrong glasses. Sometimes it's difficult to read what’s there and understand what’s being said about insurance. Thankfully we had an insurance agent come over a week or so ago to help us sort out what’s available and what plans will work best for each of us.

Health insurance

Health insurance needs to be brought up because it's something that concerns and affects so many people. Reading and trying to sort out insurance information has been a bunch of garble. Thankfully, like I mentioned, we had an insurance man come over to help us walk through the information again. It really helped to hear it and to look over the info and take notes. My husband was gone for the day. I went through the information myself and feeling like a dummy, made another call to my insurance man. We glanced over it and I was able to do the plan online.

Then came the best thing ever

I realized that I got it and that I understand it. These are the best plans for my husband and me. My husband had no doubt that I could figure it out. Ha! Guess what? The paperwork is done!

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