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Never Give Up

Do you ever think of giving up? Think "blow it or stuff it?" I have and at times still do.

Why do I bother?

You get frustrated as you want to do something. You go to do it and something unexpected happens and you can't do it. For example, today I was really excited to be going out. I got all dressed up in boots and again the skies opened hail and heavy rain. As I'm not too mobile to get out, I use either a mobility scooter or wheelchair (hubby pushes me).

Another day in for me. "Why do I bother?" I thought. Here in the UK, we have had torrential rain and heavy gales so I haven't been outside for about 2 weeks. I let things slip, couldn't be bothered to make an effort. I felt "What's the point?" I've been unable to get to the gym so I let that fester too. My mood started to drop and my anxiety hit an all-time high.

Don't dwell

It was obvious by giving up and letting things get to me I was becoming depressed and low. I was starting to feel tired all the time and my breathing was becoming worse and my appetite less.

Make those thoughts of "I can't be bothered" or "What's the point? I quit" fleeting thoughts, don't let them stick in your mind and become part of your daily living. Fight for the life you have - it's not easy and the bad days will come where you cannot physically exercise. When that happens, flip it and do your hobby or read a book. The rain and wind will come again and you will not be able to go out as planned. Exercise instead. Don't dwell because you cannot go out. Hopefully the next day the weather will be better.

Never give up

Keep fighting forward. Never give up. Each day is a new beginning - a fresh start; a new day. Write down your goals for the day and tick them off one by one as you do them. At the end of the day look at your goal list and see what you have achieved. I'm sure the ticked boxes will outnumber the crosses. It helps motivate you to go that bit further.

I have managed to pick myself up and am back exercising at home. My journal is at my side as I keep a record of what I've achieved that day. Due to the bad weather I've still not been able to go out so I'm keeping active indoors. Yes, it's frustrating and irritating but it's something I have to learn to accept and live with (work in progress).

Make the most of it

It's important to make the most of what we have. Life is precious and a gift, not to be wasted but to be lived. Make the most of it and enjoy what you have and what you can with it. Every achievement, however big or however small you may feel it to be, is still an achievement. Stand tall and stand high - you achieved it. Remember you're special and you lived another day.

Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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