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More Holiday Gifts for Someone with COPD (Part 2)

Buying a great gift for someone with COPD can a challenge – so here is part 2 of my series, “Best Holiday Gifts for Someone with COPD”. Check out part 1 here.

Home help

One of the best things you can do for someone with COPD is find ways to help them out in their everyday life. Doing heavy cleaning around the house, adjusting the house to make things like bathing, cooking, getting out to things like the doctor and shopping are just helping them out by lifting one of the financial burdens from them. The medical costs a COPDer experiences are high, so any financial help is a blessing.

    • Shower seat and handrail, Hand held shower head, Shower Head Grip, Raise toilet seat and side rails, starting as low as $6.50 – all of the aforementioned make bath time and other toiletries much easier for the COPDer. It is hard for many COPDers to stand and take a shower thus the seat and handrail is to help them steady themselves getting in and out of the shower or tub. Hand-held shower head is explainable but a shower-head holder should be put on the wall next to the shower seat. That way the person who is taking a shower can just reach over and get it instead of getting up and down or having to bend over and pick it up off of the floor. Getting up and down or bending over makes one very short of breath, and becoming short of breath makes you not want to take a shower. The easier it’s made for the COPDer the more likely they are to take showers and begin enjoying doing so again. Shower seats and handrails come in different size, types, screw-on or suction cup, so make sure it’s the right one for the COPDer you’re buying for.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 9.39.22 AM

    • Remote Control Fan Starting at $33 – I received a remote control fan last year for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I got, I use it all the time when I become short of breath. I’m the type of person if I became short of breath, I also become very hot and if I don’t cool down I won’t get my breath. In the winter, I’d have to turn on the air conditioner to help me regain my breathing. Getting up to turn off the heat and turn on the air made my breathing even worse – which didn’t go unnoticed by my family, so they got me the fan.

Now if I get short of breath I just pick up the remote click and cool air is blowing in my direction and the room air is being circulated. After I catch my breath, one more click and off goes the fan. No more winter air conditioning… well, I still use the air in my van sometimes at the winter, lol.

    • Bottle and jar or can opener $15 – With COPD you lose a lot of your strength and it becomes hard to open bottles. Most of the time I live alone and I use my jar opener to open all my bottles with twist tops. I can’t even open my own soda. For cans I use one that goes on top of the can you push the button and it opens the can. To me these are a must-have.
    • Microwave oven and counter top oven, $45 and up – cooking can be difficult for those with COPD. The heat coming from the stove, many cooking smells, just standing at the stove or counter fixing the meal can get a COPDer short of breath – which can cause many with COPD not to eat properly. A long time ago I found a microwave oven to be a cure for that problem. I’ve said before in other writings I do 90% of my cooking in my microwave. These days they make microwavable meals in the frozen food or fresh food department of stores so if you don’t feel like cooking, a few minutes later you get a fully cooked meal. There is no excuse not to eat.
    • The reason I have stove top oven there (I don’t mean a toaster oven), is because for a COPDer bending down and taking something out of the oven can be very stressful and make them short of breath. With a stove top oven everything is eye level. No bending over, no hot air in your face and no trying to stand up or bend over taking a heavy dish in and out of the regular oven. It’s so much easier to lift it 2 inches up from the counter into the stove top oven and 2 inches down to the counter when it’s done. These pictures are the same type I have.
    • Adjustable height laptop cart, $40 – I like this one because no matter where you sit, or how you sit you can adjust your work up to it needs.
    • Cleaning Service, $25 an hour – arrange for someone to come in a few hours a week to do the housework that is to hard for those with COPD.
    • Car Rides, no fixed price – If they don’t drive, set up an Uber account that is billed to you so your loved one can get to the doctor or visit a friend or go shopping.
    • A year paid Internet Subscriptions from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu Plus, $5-10 – if you get them all three it will cost maybe $350 for the year or pay their cable bill for a year. It’s not only a great gift, but, a financial help as well.

All the gifts I talk about can be purchased at most chain stores or online. To find the item you want just go online, type the name in search to find where you can buy it and the price.

Look for Part 3 on personal gifts and the best gift of all. Breathe deep and easy.

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  • Launey
    3 years ago

    There are some good ideas for Christmas presents for people with COPD, I know when I have a hard time breathing that I do get over heated and a fan would be good to have to cool your self down, I do have a wall cooler that you can run just the fan which I might use when I get over heated again!

  • Mary Ultes author
    3 years ago

    My fan has a remote control (it is the one in the picture). That way I can turn it on when every I need it. Thank for the input, Mary

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Launey – we’re so glad to hear you found value in our published material. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know.
    All the best, Leon (site moderator)

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