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March Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Most of us hear this around Christmas time, but Christmas is not a great time for me. You see, Christmas is that time of the year that is full of anxiety.

Not good for me or my COPD

I adhere to obligations that involve spending money I don’t have and going places I don’t want to go along with eating food that is not good for me or my COPD. These obligations do nothing for me but are done to appease others. COPD makes it tough to appease others, especially with the cold and unpredictable weather at Christmas time.

The most wonderful time of year

March though, this is the most wonderful time of year because it brings us spring and the hope of new life. I begin the season back in January by counting down the days to March 19th. I keep the app on the homepage of my phone, and it counts down the days with me.

I look forward to the snow leaving, the grass growing, and seeing flowers emerge as everything comes back to life. Back in the fall I get a handful of crocus bulbs and throw them on my lawn. They are planted where they land and as the snow melts, they appear. Only lasting a few days, they are truly the first sign of spring.

Planting seeds

Around the end of February, I start planting seeds in hopes of having something that will be able to start my garden off. I rarely go into the garden to pull weeds anymore, but I have a garden on my porch that is delightful to watch from my office window. I often visit with a good book and my special chair.

Starting in early March I will purchase spring pansies. They fill up my empty tables and brighten my world. Pansies only last until June before they stop blooming. Mine, however, lasted until July last year before they gave up the ghost.

It is time to take down the birdfeeders and clear the seed away. I love to watch the birds but with my killer cats, I can’t have them too close in the warm months. This year, for the first time, we will be putting up a bee house for solitary bees.

I work hard to make it all come together

Then I try to plant flowers that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds in the early morning and bees all afternoon. This year I am trying lavender and sunflowers along with petunias and the indestructible morning glories.

I like to grow some from scratch because when I look at the plants, I know that they would not be living if it wasn’t for me. Not everything, however, is started from scratch. Mainly it’s because it is unpredictable, and I can’t bear the failures. So, come May I will be at the garden center with everyone else picking out the best of the best planters.

I love the warmer days when I can sit on my back porch and read my book, listening to the birds and watching the squirrels. I work hard to make it all come together.

Welcome to March, the most wonderful time of the year!

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