Knowledge is Power

Last updated: November 2022

Last week, the team attended the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE Expo event in Cherry Hill, NJ. The LUNG FORCE Expo is for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Information was shared about the latest trends, resources, and research surrounding lung cancer, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, and other chronic lung diseases.

We learned so much at the event, but what was most powerful to us was the number of patients who were there to educate themselves.

What kind of information was presented at the event?

Topics ranged from how to manage lung cancer, comprehensive care of the COPD patient, screening and advancements in lung cancer, navigating Medicare (or Medicare 101), minimally invasive surgery, and the rise of vaping and e-cigarettes. The day concluded with an “Ask the Experts” panel where patients and caregivers had an opportunity to ask questions about COPD or other lung diseases.

Knowledge is power

Many of the patients who attended the event were carrying oxygen or using other assistive devices, and each and every person made an effort to show up to educate themselves on their condition. So many great questions were asked by the attendees and we learned so much.

How can I attend an event near me?

You can search for events by state on the American Lung Association website. LUNG FORCE also organizes walks in different areas.

Other ways to educate yourself

We understand that being able to attend an event such as this is not feasible for everyone. Here are some other ways to educate yourself from the comfort of your home:

  • Read articles such as those posted on
  • Stay up to date on recent drug approvals and announcements.
  • Write down questions for your doctor.
  • Read all you can about your condition and new advancements.

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