woman joyfully riding a mobility scooter through the park, as a colorful rainbow streams out from behind her.

Looking Ahead

I love to look ahead - just to see what I can do next. I try to cram a lot in, especially in the summer months when it's warmer and dryer. Here where I live in the UK we get so much rain and it gets very damp in the winter which affects my COPD a lot. Though I don't go away on holiday there are some lovely places I can go to locally on the bus. So I can count my blessings where I live.

I never get bored of them

We have some lovely parks and beaches really close by and I never get bored of them. Freedom is having a mobility scooter and wheelchair at hand with hubby to push me. It doesn't take a lot to please me.

The last 8 weeks or so the weather has been extremely kind and I've gone out nearly every day. Though we haven't been able to get out of the area we live, I've managed to get out over to our local park where there is a small river with lots of accessible paths. I can zoom around, taking in the natural beauty of the trees, blue sky, and fresh air. Breathing in the smoke-free clean air and feeling the sunshine on my face and arms. Mmmmm life is good and life is precious. Forgetting the worries of life's events. Freedom gives you the well-deserved break that is needed.

Living my life and enjoying it

Photos and memories made that will last a lifetime. The weather is kind and tomorrow we will do the same. The newfound freedom of the wheelchair and scooter is not giving in to COPD but making life easier. I'm out and about without getting out of breath. I'm not huffing and puffing and struggling to breathe, I'm out living my life and enjoying it.

Little picnics planned here and there, with added little bonuses of a love note hidden in hubby's sandwiches. Another memory made to see the surprise on his face. It's so easy to do these days without much planning needed (as long as the weather is good and I wake feeling ok to do it). With this comes pacing myself the day before which I'm learning to do.

Life is precious

Enjoying life is so important, especially when we're limited in what we can and cannot do. Making the most of it is so important. Getting out and about is part of this. Doing the things we enjoy doing is part of living and we need that structure in our lives. It is the 'new us'. The things I used to do I no longer can so I'm now doing the new things that I can. It's strange how we learn to adapt to our new lives and accept it and embrace it best we can. In doing so, we move forward so much quicker and start enjoying life again.

Life is precious and we need to embrace the new us. Love it and live it. The best way you can is by sitting in your garden, embracing life, listening to the birds sing, and breathing the fresh air.

Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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