COPD: Laugh til you Pee Your Pants

My mom laughed a lot. More than once with COPD, she laughed til she peed her pants. She kept up a positive front and was prepared for every emergency, no matter where she was. We found some items that helped her stay dry down there, and that gave her confidence and freedom while living with COPD.

What’s so funny?

Mom had a personality that lent itself to being open, and even plum silly. She also told me that she was always chatty, and often got in trouble in 1st grade. That's because she was a preemie, an August birthday, and was "younger" than her friends. Today, they would have held her back a grade. Times being what they were, she became the class jokester. I hesitate to say class clown, because she was beautiful, even while turning the worst situations into a joke, including potty accidents.

Maybe mom’s lightheartedness was born of early childhood insecurity. Feeling like she couldn’t compete with her peers academically or socially, she made them laugh. It was a gift she used during her entire life. With COPD, she didn’t let serious things like coughing fits or oxygen tubes prevent her from having fun, getting out, or meeting people.

A lifetime of laughter

I recently saw pictures of mom's 50-year high school reunion, and many of her friends had pulled their chairs up close to tell stories about “remember when” from their childhood. She helped organize the event.

I knew that mom was wearing an adult diaper at that outing, In fact, she may have told everyone in that group! She was so accepting of the course of her life, and during the ups and downs of COPD, that she hid very little. Even when she admitted to me that she was a little embarrassed about her protection, she was laughing til she peed her pants at how truly funny life could be.

Urinary incontinence protection

Today, protection has come a long way baby. Why you can even subscribe and have them delivered to your house. It’s easy to read reviews and see what size, shape, and feel will best suit your needs. Many are designed especially for men.

Disposable underwear are still available. Some, have natural fibers and are eco-friendly.

Washable underwear allows you to wash and reuse. By holding up to 10 oz of liquid, it can buy you some time if you have a coughing or laughing spell.

Protective pads are not what they used to be either. Some, are made of absorbent bamboo, and even come with wings to help them stay in place while you’re out and about. Having the ability to wash and re-wear just makes sense.

Feeling good about frailties

Mom dressed nice, and even in her later years with a wheelchair, somehow managed to camouflage her dryness protection. She would’ve gotten a hoot out of the super absorbent panties they make now. Since she’s not here to try them and give you a review, I’ll leave that to you.

My mom was such a great woman and helped everyone to feel good about their own human frailties and struggles with life. So now, if you have COPD, you can laugh til you pee your pants, and no one will know. That is unless you’re like my mom, and you decide to tell on yourself so everyone could get a good laugh too.

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