Joining the Library and Taking a Course

I took courses all my working life. I enjoyed learning new skills and polishing up on one course after another. It became a way of life. Working, learning, and taking courses were the things I missed the most when I was diagnosed with COPD. I thought about jumping on board and taking a course from time to time, then I thought WHY? I began to think that I had learned all I could learn and that there was no point in learning anymore. It was a feeling of resignation and giving into my COPD. Frankly, it was a bit of a pity party.

Conversations are just a tap away

Recent events have forced most of us with COPD to isolate and hibernate. The one thing that has not changed is social media and when we are bored or fed-up with our existence, we can usually turn to social media. That is where our friends are and conversations are just a tap away.

Keeping in mind the cognitive decline that can come with COPD, I want to get back into the swing of learning and doing different things. I go Live on FaceBook for a Tea Time chat on Tuesday afternoons and have a bit of a following there. I am always looking for ways that are new and finding different mediums that are of interest to my followers.

You could go anywhere in the world

One day while surfing the net, I came upon my local library. Remember the library cards we had as kids? When my kids were young, reading was still in style and I remember taking my kids to the library to get their own cards. They would go to the library every Thursday with their dad to get next week's books. Oh, the adventures they took reading a book a week. You could go anywhere in the world with a book. Then came movies on DVD’s and games for their gaming systems. I was active at the library right up to the time that I began taking college and university courses.

To look around the library, you must have a library card. Oh, what the heck. I decided to apply and was quite surprised at how easy it was to get a library card number. Then, indulging and having a good look around I saw lots of courses that looked interesting, all for free, and best of all, everything is virtual.

What new skills could you learn?

It is different these days taking courses. No new book smell, no more new notebooks, or book bags. No driving to college, paying for parking and having 30 other students in your class. You no longer meet your teacher on the first day, you get to know your instructor by reading their bio.

No matter, I saw some interesting courses in technology that I thought might fit the bill. I got excited and signed up for everything they were offering. Right now, I have signed up for 4 courses on filming, doing a podcast, and updates to social media. I am extremely excited to try out my new skills. What new skills could you learn by joining the library?

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