Fighting Temptation

Do you ever have to fight temptations from your past? I've come to realize that temptations come from many different angles. I quit smoking 3 and a half years ago. In some ways, I was sort of lucky - I was blue-lighted to hospital and I remained there for 2 weeks while seriously ill. I say lucky because I was so ill that I didn't fancy a cigarette. By the time I left the hospital, I knew that smoking anymore would kill me quickly. I definitely didn't want to die, yet at times the craving and temptations are still with me, and sometimes very strongly.

Temptations from everywhere

I really believe deep down that I won't smoke again, but it's still difficult to fight that temptation. When they come on strong and fast I find myself looking for a distraction. A good book to read doesn't work anymore, I need to use my hands. I've started to work out while the craving is there. 2 minutes marching on the spot or wall presses. I'm throwing away the temptation and getting fitter every day.

I make a note of how long I'm exercising and how many times a day I do. It's building up pretty well and this way I'm not dwelling on what I can't have. Yes, I believe I am one of those who if I wasn't ill I would still be smoking. These temptations come in so many forms, like eating the wrong types of food. Luckily I'm small-built but I have a fast metabolism so I burn calories very fast. I can eat cakes and sweets to keep my weight on. The downside at times is that I would rather eat those than healthy food - another temptation.

Finding balance

Finding balance in our lives is very important. Sticking to our new lives can be a challenge but we need the balance and structure to strive forward and to live a happy, healthy life.

When difficulties arise, we need to find a solution that works for us, and it will likely be a different solution than for those with no lung condition. We seem to be able to adapt better and quicker than those with no health conditions as we have a lot of practice.

Looking ahead

I truly believe we are stronger and fitter, not just physically but mentally too. We strive and fight to be the person we want to be and live how we want to live. We've learned to live with our damaged lungs. We have adapted to what we can and cannot do. Though we may look back when we have that temptation thrown at us, we do not stay in the past. We cannot undo what we have done but we have learned from it and we can move forward. Don't dwell on what we cannot do but look ahead at what we can and will do.

Days, months, and even years will pass and we are still here living the life and that we have. Live it to the best of your ability - we only get one life. There is life after a diagnosis.

Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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