The E-Visit

Turning 65 years young brought changes. A big one was insurance with a prescription supplement. It concerned me because I was not sure what would be covered and what wouldn't. Whether it would cost more out of pocket or not.

My e-visit

I had to once again get approval from my doctor to authorize my need for oxygen as well as c-pap. As time goes on, more appointments that are not emergencies are being done via e-visits. With me, it was done via FaceTime. I went into my clinic’s website and logged in. My doctor called and we FaceTimed and had an e-visit.

I really like my doctor and just about everyone at the clinic and hospital. It was funny, the first thing out of my mouth was “Are we contagious over the phone too?” He and others in the office started laughing. He was wearing a face mask. Lol. I should have gone to get my dog mask, but it was in the other room. After hearing that he will again write the orders for my oxygen and c-pap, he made sure to tell me that I am under quarantine and to stay home. I said of course, just like every day. Ending our visit, he got to ask about my husband and since he was home, we enjoyed some more laughs.

We've come a long way baby

It was a wonderful visit. I wish all doctors could be like that. Some of my other ones are very stiff and too serious. With this visit behind me, I think back to health insurance and its changes throughout my life. As the saying goes, “We’ve come a long way baby”.

I remember home visits from doctors. Gee, I must have been 5 or 6 years old. Now, doctors again are making home visits, with e-visits. These e-visits from home can really make a difference, especially with the minor traumas or health issues. How cool!

You both meet by computer, tablet, phone, or other means. I know that some testing devices can be used at home and sent to the doctor via computer and more. It’s so amazing to see this happening in my lifetime!

Some for the better and some not

Healthcare has seen many changes over the years, some for the better and some not. There are so many illnesses and diseases. COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is one of many. COPD is the main topic of this e-visit. Because COPD is a lung disease, care is essential. Imagine how nice it is to have e-visits available to us.

Under the COPD umbrella are: emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and the genetic form of COPD, Alpha-1 deficiency.

The power of journaling

Something else that could be important for your overall health is journaling. You can make them basic, you can add flair, you can even color them. Journaling helps you remember. Maybe it will be memories to share with your family. This could be in diary form, for your thoughts and musings, to remember things to discuss with your doctor, or things that you have discussed.

What are your thoughts about e-visits or even journaling? Share with us in the comments below!

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