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Differences In COPD

We all know that, though there are similarities in COPD, there are differences. We might know some of them: different stages of COPD, different medications, even the different reactions that we have to the weather. We can pretty much understand these, but somehow the different reactions that we have don’t make sense. Let’s look into this a little bit deeper.

There is a difference in doctors, their diagnoses and treatments

Readers post about their doctor appointments, as well as the wait until they can have their CT Scan, Pulmonary Function Test and more. Even here in the United States, we are seeing differences and similarities depending on what areas of the country we are in. Some differences might not be very visible and others more-so. The same goes with the different countries, be it Canada, Mexico, Europe, and so many more. Some have all their medical paid, yet they wait longer for their testing. Some pay more. Some pay out of pocket, yet they may have shorter waits for testing and results.

There is a difference in how we and others perceive what is being said or written

When reading other’s posts, we often try to understand them as we, ourselves understand them. Yet, they might be foreign words to us. Sometimes it’s perceived that the person is from a different background. We need to realize that the written words belong to someone else. We need to let the writer have possession of his/her own words and try to understand from there. Is the writer from a different culture? Country? Or even a different part of our country. How wonderful that we can share methods, ideas, and culture with others. We mustn’t judge others. We need to accept that this is how things are for them. Whether it is testing, diagnosing and more.

We are each unique our own disease

We are unique because though we have COPD, we might have other diseases or illnesses. We might have different diagnoses even for similar illness. We might take other medications or even live in different part of the world. It’s important that you take what you can use and leave the rest.


It’s so important to know, that telling other people that they are wrong in what they say, or even what their doctors say, is wrong. We have to realize that it’s a big world. Some doctors practice differently and have many different treatments. Also, medical practices can differ in different places as well. We can share what we know works for ourselves, as we can about our differences. However, it’s wrong for someone to tell others they are wrong because of what the doctor has told them and things they learned from the internet sites.

It’s so important that you have a relationship with your doctor and that you can discuss everything, including what others are telling you. We cannot diagnose, but we are here to support you and because we care.

I hope that as you read this you hear my words and my heart. Sadly, much of this comes from people that I have talked with or chatted with. Most people are supportive and won’t give others a hard time. That’s so important. One article or story here reaches so many people. Because of this, words, even articles may apply to some, but not others.

I hope you have a breathe-easy day/night.

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