Dating & Relationships With COPD

Being single can be a lonely place. You may have family and friends to talk to or spend time with. You may have children. But it isn’t the same. For some, you may think that people weren’t meant to be alone. Maybe you want someone to spend time with. Maybe you’re looking for marriage. Then you are concerned, you have COPD. For those that don’t know, COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Dating with COPD

You’ve pondered joining a dating site or looking for dating COPD sites. Do you want to find someone for face to face dating or do you want online dating? Dating has changed so much. You want to feel someone’s arms around you. You don’t want to be alone, in that lonely place.

It is okay to date when you have COPD. It doesn’t matter if you are younger or older or what stage you are. You will be able to find compatible things to do. You just need to discuss it, try it and see what works for each of you. When should you tell him/her that you have COPD? I would tell early on, maybe after the first or second date. If you’re on oxygen, do wear it as prescribed. Away from home can be a crisis when you don’t have your oxygen with you, since you may need it and it’s not accessible.

Marriage and relationships

It’s date night and I hope you have a wonderful time. Because of COPD, our spouses know our good days and not, as well as our good times. What do you enjoy doing? What means the most to you? Be honest with yourself and others, what you can and can’t do, respect these times.

My husband and I don’t go out often, because of my health issues. When we got married, we liked the same things, now we can’t. It has affected us, but we find other things for us. My husband takes me out for rides, he’ll watch a show that I really enjoy, he’ll surprise me with a snack, or a gift, or he may grill a steak or something else. I may cook him a wonderful dinner, give him a sweet gift or ask to do something that I know he enjoys. The small things seem the best for us. During these times, we tuck away our health issues and just enjoy our time together. That’s healthy for us. There is plenty of time for our health issues. The hugs that mean so much are wonderful anytime, with our together times or even with the health or daily struggles. This affection means the most.

Intimacy and romance

Someone has asked if people with COPD can be romantic and if it’s okay to have sex. Romance can be a wonderful thing. Hugging, holding hands during a movie, a candlelight dinner or a weekend away. Even a ride in the country. I’m sure that you can think of other things. Some things will depend on the stages of COPD that you are in, also with your other health issues. Let your imaginations run wild. Be sure to carry your inhaler. Regarding sex, it’s permissible, depending on your health. Some days may be okay and others not. If there is any doubt, do talk to your doctor and get his/her okay.

Dating safety

Did you meet your date on the internet or is this someone you knew from high school? There are all kinds of groups where people can meet others. There are also groups where people can meet other single COPDers. It’s important though, that you think safety. People are not always what they seem. Whether you know the person or not, for your first in-person date, or even the first couple of dates, meet in a populated place, such as a restaurant. It is okay to request a smoke-free place and space. If you drink, limit your alcohol intake. Again, think safe.

  • Always tell someone where you are going and with who, or who is coming to your home
  • Carry your fully charged cell phone
  • Carry some cash or credit card
  • Carry your rescue inhaler and other medications if needed, as well as your medication list and emergency contact.

Your life isn't over!

Having COPD doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to get out and date, or to enjoy time out and away with your spouse. Having COPD means that we sometimes have to rethink what we are wanting to do, according to our abilities. We have living to do. It may not seem easy to find the special someone to spend time with, but hopefully you will find someone to touch your life.

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