Spring With COVID-19

Spring is here. Winter weather is nearing its end. Anticipating the shift, there is a feeling of relief as people hope and look forward to feeling better. Hopeful relief from COPD exacerbations and flares, from RSV, and the flu. This year, the world is facing a pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease, otherwise called the COVID-19.

When will this pandemic end?

No one knows for sure. There is hope and anticipation that it will end soon. Others report that it might be with us until the end of the year or beyond. We all must take this seriously. It’s affecting people in many countries, as well as here in the USA.

With all of the sadness and uncertainty going on how do we live? How do we plan? How do we do this? Right now, medical personnel, our country, and world leaders are doing their best to get us through this.

Chipping in

People are doing the best they can too. I saw an online photo of a grandfather who, for the third time, walked some miles to see his new grandson through a window. He’s anxious to hold his new grandson soon. They are under quarantine. People are making food items and taking them to feed the personnel at hospitals and medical centers. Some individuals are making cloth masks and giving them out or selling them as a fundraiser. Some businesses are making commercial items and giving to medical personnel and others as well.

There is an internet company that is giving free internet and equipment to those who can't afford it and to children who can use these items for their homeschooling. The individuals have to hook them up themselves.

We still have living to do

We couldn't actually plan things because of our health. Now we have other limitations. Yet, we will do the best that we can. What can we do? How can we plan? Start at home!

It’s so important to do regular exercise. This can be with light weights, a treadmill, exercise bike, yoga, and more. There are numerous online videos. If possible, talk to your doctor and get his/her approval. There may be a respiratory rehabilitation class too. However, this will depend on curfews or limits to the number of people who can be in a room together.

Use FaceTime or Skype so that you can continue to share in your family and friends' lives. You can see each other. You can stay active with them, especially the children. Imagine the memories. I remember doing homework with my grandkids over the phone. Math, reading, and social studies were great to help them with, if I couldn’t figure something out, I told them upfront. They enjoyed that! That will be a big help to their parents or other caregivers.

Staying connected

Do you miss going to your church services or other events? If you can’t enjoy them, you can likely find something on tv or the internet. Have you checked out Pinterest? There are so many ideas of things to make or even purchase. I had so much fun creating boards and adding new things frequently. The ideas are vast. Some things that I have created from ideas on Pinterest are recipes, wreaths, photo memories, ideas for weddings, and graduations.

Journaling could be so fun and healthy. Something to share with the family someday. Pinterest has cool ideas there too! This could be a great year to create some gift projects. Reach out by sending a message to someone who is down or even a graphic, sticker, or emoticon. Find an online support group. It's important to find others who understand similar things to what you are going through.

Write a letter and send to someone special. Snail mail is so much fun to get. I had postcards that I would send to grandkids. They enjoyed getting them in the mail and one has a bulletin board for them. Even adults appreciate getting a hand-written or typed letter. I have shaky hands, so typed is sometimes best. If you're not able to send a letter, do it on a computer.

Pace yourself

If you don’t have a terry robe, order one. How nice to get out of the shower and wrap up in comfort. If you enjoy gardening, test your green thumb into a small indoor vegetable garden or herb garden. Don’t be in a hurry. Pace yourself. Share other thoughts and suggestions with our readers here.

Then there is the spring cleaning! Organize one cupboard, closet, or drawer per day. Don’t overdo it! Imagine having a window friend, while you clean an inside window, they clean the outside. Since I got rid of the carpet, I love the Swiffer dry floor mop. It is so light and easy to use, it goes under furniture as well. I have the Swiffer wet jet too. It’s so easy to wipe up a floor. For bigger jobs, I use a mop. I have difficulty getting up and down, or kneeling.

Remember, even though this may be a scary time, it’s important to take care of yourself: body, soul, and mind. You may feel lost and alone, however, you aren’t. In this COPD.net community, we are here for you too.

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