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COPD vs. Old Age

It takes me a little longer to get going in the mornings these days. Don’t know if it’s COPD or just plain old age. Or both?

65 was ancient

I turned 65 last May and when I was younger (in my 20’s, 30's), 65 was ancient. When I think of that age, I remember my grandfather. In my memory, he was a distinguished gentleman. And, being Irish, he wore a suit jacket with a vest almost 365 days a year.

There were a few times, in the heat of the summer, where he wore Bermuda shorts as they were called then, knee socks and dress shoes. Old-fashioned might be the tag placed upon him these days for that outfit!

I am still somewhere in my 20's

But, in my mind, I am still somewhere in my 20’s. In other words, I may look like my grandfather on the outside but inside, from my eyes, I’m still seeing the world from my 20’s. There are new challenges out there and places to see. There’s that Pulitzer Prize-winning novel I’ve been working on for about 47 years that will be published soon!

That’s why it can be particularly frustrating trying to “get going” in the mornings. Some of it is COPD related. But a lot of it is definitely old age. (Egads!)

I made a list

I sat down this morning and made a list to see if I could work on improving my time once I identified the culprit:

  • Clearing all my breathing passages – nose, lungs, etc. - COPD and age.
  • Stretching my muscles and bones – COPD and age.
  • Breakfast – again, a combo but some of it simply related to not tripping over the damn oxygen cord as I move around the kitchen!
  • Getting dressed – combo
  • Making the bed – COPD to blame for delays. Seems to take more and more time and exertion with each passing day.
  • Prescription medicines – COPD apparently. According to my doctors, everything aside from my lungs is in pretty good shape.

The other part of that same equation

The other part of that same equation is that in my mind, I’m still keeping a 9-5/5 days a week schedule. But, the truth of the matter is – I’m retired for 3 years now. So while I may feel pressed for time – I’m really not.

Wintertime, I tend to stay up a little later, especially if there is a good movie on or I’m absorbed with a great book. I’ll look up at the clock at some point and discover, it’s 1:30 AM!

Not good. That means I’m probably not going to wake up until after 10:00 AM the following morning.

Please do not tell my wife

And, to tell the truth, since everyone else in the house still works, there are days where I stay in my robe and putter around the house and don’t bother at all with all the “necessaries” to leave the house and go about business.

But – please do not tell my wife!

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