Community Feedback: Keeping Warm.

Community Feedback: Keeping Warm with COPD

It’s no secret that weather changes can have quite an impact on COPD – cold weather can be harsh on the lungs and warm humidity can make it tough to breath. But what’s weird is when it’s hot outside and yet you still can’t feel warm!

One of our community members asked us: “My loved one with COPD goes through times when she just can't feel warm. She shivers and despite an electric blanket cannot warm up. Does this happen to you? Any advice?”

You in the community responded with such an outpour of support! Below are just some of the comments you shared:

Layer up in every season

  • I wear so many layers it's ridiculous. I wear long underwear until it gets in the 50's and I always have a sweater or sweatshirt on
  • I never go anywhere without a sweater, even if the outside temp is 90.
  • I when I feel this way I just have to pile on the layers and stay in bed until I'm thawed out.
  • It was 78 degrees the other day and I had my jacket on - everyone was asking me why I had a jacket on all I could say was “I'm cold”
  • I am getting rid of my summer clothes, I never wear them.

Keep active and moving

  • I try to move around when that happens and I have a bed buddy that I warm up and that helps.
  • I walk around my house to keep my blood circulating. Seems to help
  • I keep myself busy around the house. If I sit too long I focus on how cold I am
  • In the summer, I go for a walk outside. I can't go far, but it keeps me moving

Hot showers and heating pads

  • I use a heating pad, wear very thick socks, and take very warm showers when I get cold I have also used my hair dryer to blow hot air all over me to help warm up
  • Wool blanket, heavy socks and my heating pad and i still can't get warm
  • Sometimes I sit in the shower for twenty minutes just to feel the hot water on me

Monitoring your temperature

  • I have been suffering with this coldness. Went to my doctors last week who arranged a chest X-ray and blood tests. The X-ray has shown up an area of infection at the top of my left lung. So my advice would be to go see your doctor!
  • I tend to get the chills and feel cold when I have a low grade fever
  • That happens to my husband. That's my cue to check his temperature.

This feeling of unyielding cold is not uncommon! Many of you mentioned experiencing chills and the inability to warm up – you are certainly not alone!

  • I thought it was just me! I am so cold all the time!
  • Now I know I’m not nuts!
  • Even my hair feels cold!
  • It sounds like you’re talking about me!
  • I can have one cold hand and one warm hand, it’s nuts!

Thanks again to all of you who shared your experiences! If you have any additional tips or tricks for keeping warm, feel free to share them in the comments, or on our Forums page to keep the conversation going!

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