Community Feedback: Household Chores with COPD.

Community Feedback: Household Chores with COPD

Living with COPD can make performing daily activities a struggle. Once-simple tasks like getting the mail, sweeping the floor, or going shopping can become large challenges. We asked you, the community, how you handle household chores with your COPD, and the results were incredible! Here are some of your top tips.

Pace yourself

“Take a lot of breaks if necessary because as you go, you will see you will need fewer breaks and you will take pride in your success.”
“I take my time, vacuum and dust sitting down. I wear a mask whenever I do housework. The hardest thing is changing the bed, that I do by taking off a sheet, resting doing the next sheet, resting. I do that until I get the bed changed.”

Regardless of what the task at hand is, it is important to allow yourself to take any and all breaks you need. Whether you just need a sip of water (remember, staying hydrated is key!), or if you need to recharge with oxygen, breaks can always help.

Change your mindset

“If I don’t get it done today, well there is always tomorrow!!”
“Slower pace, and learn that a little mess is not the end of the world.”

Along with taking breaks, it is important to allow your mind to accept that doing things at a slower rate, or not exactly when you planned to do them, is totally fine! Keeping your spirits up (or at least trying too!), can be a positive step in an uphill battle.

Stay active

“I work a little then rest as needed. I will say that I have been walking on the treadmill or I use my elliptical and I have much more endurance and less shortness of breath. Being stronger sure helps me.”
Exercise is extremely important and you have to see what works for you. I bought a regular push mower and I mow the yard once a week. At first, it took me 2 days to complete, but now I can mow in about an hour and a half, taking water breaks as I go.”

It may be challenging to exercise with COPD, but exercise can come in many forms. Check out some of the community’s tips for exercising with COPD, and see if any work for you. Exercise will only help give you more energy to tackle seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Ask for help

“If you have family to help, you need to take a big gulp and ask for a little help. Before I got sick, I would clean houses for ones who could not. Try inquiring at your local county human service or church.”
“My wife has taken the bull by the horns, she cuts the lawn, does all the yard work, shopping and many other things. Plus, she still works full time.”
“My hubby helps tons, and I have 4 sons that help as needed as well.”
“My best suggestion is hire someone to get it done.”

You are not alone

While it may be a great option to hire someone to do your chores for you, that is just not feasible for everyone. But you can inquire with family members, friends, local community organizations, or church groups for help if you need. Your friends and family are there to help you, and you may be surprised at the support you can find!

No matter how you tackle daily household chores, remember, you are not alone. So many of you voiced your struggles with chores and COPD. Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks you use to conquer your chores!

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