Bucket List

Bucket List

Ever since I saw the movie “Bucket List”, I felt good. I felt hope and excitement. I get excited easily it seems, but hey, we have to take whatever we can out of this life, to make it better. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

I wanted to think about living

When I first started thinking of this, I was sad, even bewildered. I didn’t want to think of a bucket list where I would do things before I die, I wanted to think about living. Living! If I had opened my mind right away, I would have seen that living is what I would be doing and giving myself permission to do so as well.

Sure, I would have to give up any notion of climbing a mountain, or even going into the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Now let’s be real! How can I give up anything I would have had no intention of doing anyway? I’m absolutely terrified of heights. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want to go to the Grand Canyon, I do, I have always wanted to see it. No, I won’t get too close to the edge. No, I won’t climb down, and I won’t ride down on a donkey. I will set my boundaries, then I can say “I did it”! See that’s where my dream of seeing it is.

Yep, I’m planning on living for a long time and I say it’s time to start living!

Some things my bucket list will have:

  1. Someone to help me with spring cleaning. Maybe a daughter or a couple of grandchildren will come and do that. We could have fun.
  2. Someone to help paint a room in my house, or that they will do while I’m away for a day.
  3. Have my hubby take me out to a small restaurant in some of the small towns close by. I’ve always wanted to go, but never have.
  4. A few days in the Black Hills.
  5. Going to my granddaughter’s graduation, even though I will only go for a little while, because of limitations. Also, to help with some of the preparations from my house.
  6.  A phone call to an old friend.
  7. Be a secret Santa to a child on the Angel Tree.
  8. Do a random act of kindness or pay it forward.
  9. Go to Yellowstone State Park.

A bucket list doesn’t have to be extravagant

It only needs to help us focus on some things we want to accomplish in our lifetime. Do we have to do 50 things in a Bucket List, or even 100 things? No, but it may open other doors. Does it matter if we will accomplish everything? No. Should we be sad if we can’t? No. If we can’t make it to our destination, that’s ok. We can get information from the Chamber of Commerce to learn about the area or to see a video, this will help you enjoy the endeavor without feeling like you set yourself up for a fall. Have fun with this. This gives me hope and anticipation. It’s fun to dream and more fun to make it a reality. Just know that if you can’t complete your list the way it’s written, you can change it so that it works for you.


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