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15 COPD Pick-Me-Ups.

15 COPD Pick-Me-Ups

Managing COPD day-in and day-out can take its toll on a person’s disposition. It can be easy to feel down or discouraged while you’re fighting a flare-up or feeling fatigued. And sometimes it can seem as though people are only talking about the negative aspects of this condition. While it can be comforting to know that others share your experiences and understand your struggles, it can also be nice to read an uplifting piece of hope.

So we’ve compiled a collection of five facts, five quotations and five articles, to help pick you up when you’re feeling down.

Five Uplifting COPD Facts

  1. Studies suggest that completion of a pulmonary rehabilitation program may slow progression of COPD!
  2. There are more COPD treatments than ever in development right now – over 100 new treatments are being researched as we speak!
  3. Within three months of quitting smoking, your circulation and lung function improve and progression has slowed.
  4. Exercising with COPD will actually improve your energy levels and stamina.
  5. There are over 65 million people in the world who understand some of what you’re going through, and you can connect with over 24,000 of them on the Facebook Page

Five Positive COPD Quotations

  1. “Don’t despair. Life is not over. It is just more challenging. And when you are told you have ‘end stage’, that does not mean the curtain is closing to your life.” – Derek Cummings in this story
  2. “If you stop planning new adventures, you will begin to look at leaving the home as impossible.  Dig deep.  Find the courage that you never knew you had, and go have an adventure!” – Tonya Hidalgo in this article
  3. “No matter what your stage, or where you are in your journey, celebrate life! How wonderful the people that we meet along the way, that are part of our journey of life.” – Janet Plank in this article
  4. “Make today a beautiful day. Live, love and enjoy it to the best of your ability. Forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you think you made: You didn’t cause your COPD.” – Mary Ultes in this article
  5. “The goofy, weird, passionate and funny person you love is still here. You and I still share all the same wonderful memories we made together. More importantly, we can still make new ones.” – Michelle Vincent in this article

Five Pick-Me-Up COPD Articles

  1. Live For Today
  2. My Window: Creating Some Pleasantness When You’re Sick
  3. Building An Indoor Garden
  4. Don’t Stress It – Just Breathe
  5. How to Stay Positive When You Are Discouraged


  • Yorkie
    3 years ago

    My motto.
    “I have COPD but COPD does not have me” Breath easy exercise often.

  • Casey Hribar moderator
    3 years ago

    Love it, Yorkie! Thanks for sharing! -Casey, Team

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    4 years ago

    What a great idea for an article. The links are excellent too – all contributing to some excellent reading with constructive ideas!!
    Leon (site moderator)

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