Living with COPD one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with COPD.

By Janet Plank - November 16, 2017
When I was first diagnosed with COPD I heard the phrase “COPD is a family disease.” Over time, and talking with COPDers and family, as well as other support people, I came... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - November 6, 2017
If you have COPD, like me, you probably have medications to take. As your COPD progresses, so does the amount of medications that are prescribed. Before being diagnosed, I didn’t even take... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - October 26, 2017
As we come to the close of October, schools on, we’re able to enjoy the harvest from our gardens and we’re moving into fall. In the small towns, we may notice the... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - October 19, 2017
When I was younger, I would tell my dad that I wanted to be happy, in life, at work, in everything. My dad would tell me that I wasn’t being realistic, I... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - October 8, 2017
Are you having trouble breathing? Hyperventilating? Just can’t get air? With COPD, it can often feel like we’re frantic to breathe. There are so many things that can affect our breathing: Smoking:... READ MORE

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