COPD in America 2016

Last updated: November 2022

The COPD In America 2016 online survey was conducted to gather insights from over 1,200 individuals currently diagnosed as having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, or Chronic Bronchitis. The primary goal of this research was to better understand the symptoms, treatment, and life impact experienced by those individuals.

Upon reflection, respondents report experiencing almost 6 different COPD symptoms prior to their diagnosis.

Even now, over 20% of respondents don’t know what stage of COPD they are currently diagnosed with.

Disease progression and its overall effect on lifestyle were the main topics respondents wish they’d known more about when diagnosed.

Of the 16% of respondents who currently smoke, over 88% were trying or planning to quit soon!

General preparation is a big lifestyle change as well – carrying rescue inhalers in case of a flare, washing hands to avoid germs and disease, and seeing a doctor regularly help with prevention and preparation.

Extreme tiredness and fatigue is an often overlooked, and even invisible, symptom of COPD that can be difficult to explain to friends and family.

Summer was a close second, as heat and humidity can make it very difficult to breath.

Interestingly, animal dander and pet hair was ranked as a less common trigger. Though many people find ways to manage this irritant so they can enjoy the camaraderie of a pet.

Most inhaler users were confident they were properly using their inhaler, with most receiving training from an HCP.

As such, most respondents report they actively seek out information on the latest COPD treatments, as well as play an active role in making treatment decisions.

The American Lung Association, The COPD Foundation and were among the top used online resources.

Fortunately, almost half of the respondents report having a loved one actively involved with their COPD management and allay fears.

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