COPD 2015 Symptoms by the Numbers

COPD 2015 Symptoms by the Numbers

Last updated: August 2017

The COPD diagnosis and disease management journey can often feel overwhelming, particularly as the number and severity of symptoms increases over time. Are you curious to know how your experience compares to that of others in the community? Here are some results from our COPD in America study:

COPD symptoms by the numbers

32% of those surveyed
Feel that others do not believe their COPD symptoms are serious. However these numbers we uncovered from surveying COPD patients illustrate the severity and impact that COPD symptoms have throughout one’s disease management journey.

1,009 COPD patients
Completed the online COPD in America 2015 survey, which gathered insights about their symptoms and diagnosis journey, as well as their quality of life and treatment experience.

COPD symptoms by the numbers

After turning 50
66% of those surveyed started experiencing COPD related symptoms.

The average number of initial symptoms experienced by individuals. The most common initial symptoms were shortness of breath during normal activities (71%), as well as difficulty catching one’s breath (67%) and chronic cough (60%).

76% of those surveyed
Are managing their allergies and allergy symptoms as a result of their COPD diagnosis.

The average number of symptoms currently experienced by those surveyed. Prevalent current symptoms include shortness of breath during normal activities (78%) and difficulty catching one’s breath (74%). Chronic cough did not impact as many post diagnosis (48%) as it did prior to diagnosis (60%), most likely due to treatment regimens.

Of individuals currently experience fatigue / lack of energy due to their COPD, whereas only 53% reported this as one of their initial symptoms.

Only 11%
Of those surveyed have never had their sleep impacted by COPD. 1 in 4 individuals reported COPD impacting their sleep often.

67% of those surveyed
Had triggers for their COPD. Frequently experienced triggers include cleaning products (63%), extreme weather changes (62%) and respiratory infections (60%).

COPD symptoms by the numbers

1 in 3
Of those surveyed reported having depression associated with their COPD, and 1 in 5 experienced pneumonia as a complication. Other complications commonly reported were respiratory infections (44%) and high blood pressure (40%). Very few individuals reported difficulties such as lung cancer or collapsed lung (3% each).

65% of those surveyed
Indicated they are afraid of the long-term complications of COPD.

There are numerous symptoms experienced by those with COPD, some more common than others. How do your experiences compare? Have you experienced any strange symptoms with your COPD?

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