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What would you share with others who are newly diagnosed with COPD?

Comment your learnings, tips, resources, or (non-medical) advice here to support others going through it 💙

  1. I quit smoking with help from medical remedies (l like patches) the day I was diagnosed and knew I would die sooner without doing so. It was the hardest thing ever and I still would love a cig to this good day, but have not gone back on my pledge.

    1. , I'm so glad you've stayed true to your pledge, that is an incredible feat! Thanks for taking the time to share with us. ~Melanie (team member)

  2. It wasn't until we signed on with hospice that we found out many helpful ways to cope with symptoms. Things that NO doctor ever mentioned. There should be a pamphlet entitled "Manage your COPD from now on" that your doc should hand you, including which over-the-counter meds like Mucinex and Zyrtec to take and how often, which inhalers/nebulizers to use and how often, which allergens to be aware of and treat, percussion treatments, etc.

    1. Hi annieaar - thanks for your post. You make good points here and we are appreciative that you shared them with the community. All of that would certainly be helpful for many of our members who are managing this condition. We value your input and your feedback!

      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. I agree it’s best to learn all you can from researching COPD, talking to people here, ask many questions of doctors. My doctors never told me anything unless I pushed and pushed. I’m going on 18 years of being told I have COPD.
    Pulmonary rehab explained a lot to me.
    Once you know more about your disease it should be easier for you to know your own body triggers. Lastly family or friends must learn it’s okay you have limitations. Took my family years to accept it. Now they’re my biggest helpers.
    Good luck, God bless your journey.

    1. Hi lollipoplady, and thanks for joining in this conversation.
      We appreciate you lending your support and encouragement here. We also are glad that you were so candid in sharing your own personal medical experiences, You've provided a wealth of insight from your personal perspective and lengthy valuable experience.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

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