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How are the stages of COPD figured?

My Dr has never said what stage I was in? I hear all about them but have no idea what stage I would be in. I am disabled, but I still take care of my brother in law that has had 3 brain surgeries in 3 years. He can walk, but his speech is very limited and has no use in his right arm. So I am his cook and pharmacy. I am on oxygen 24/7, use a nebulizer, trelegy and a rescue inhaler. I have always suffered from anxiety and depression on meds for that and my seizure disorder, hbp.

  1. Thank you so much Leon! I appreciate your kind words. I want to help people realize there is life with this disease. Sometimes on those bad days or during a flare up it is easy to feel hopeless. It takes work, a little imagination, and definitely a sense of humor!

    Carol (moderator)

    1. It's my pleasure, Carol. Reading all about your experiences, suggestions, and words of wisdom is a real asset for our community.
      You certainly do provide the guidance and wisdom all of us need to hear when managing this challenging condition!
      Where there is life, there is hope!
      We may stumble at times but, one should always get back up and keep on trying - life is precious!
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi. I see you received a great response from I thought I would chime in with my two cents here. We also have some articles on our site explaining the different stages of COPD. One of them I will attach here ( I think you will find this helpful. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. My doctor prefers not to tell patients. I know I’m stage 4 because of a different pulmonologist after a pulmonary function test. My doctor believes people get too hung up on the numbers versus how they feel. I think there is something to that thinking because my numbers have progressed but I feel better and breathe better than I did a few years ago. For myself, exercising, taking my medicine and eating healthy is the best thing I can do.

      Carol (moderator)

      1. Hi Carol - thanks so much for candidly sharing this very important aspect of how you manage this condition so successfully.
        Your courage, strength and lifestyle are a shining example for the entire community.
        Keep doing what you're doing - we are all with you here!
        Leon (site moderator

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