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Fires and High Winds

Here in South Dakota we have fires 130 miles and 200 miles away. Here have high winds and the air is heavy. There is so much dust in the air and smoke is likely mixed in. I know fires are in other states as well.
1. Are you affected?
2. How are you coping?
3. Do you have helpful ideas?
Please share!

Here are a couple of links that might help:

  1. Thankfully these fires are out. However, some in these areas I’ll likely have another fire or two before winter 2022 sets in. There will other fires as well.
    How will you cope? Is there anything that you have been told to do, to prepare for the next fire?
    Janet (author/site moderator

    1. Those are interesting links. I wish someone can answer your queries.

      1. - I hope others chime in, too! I'm commenting to "bump" this thread to make it more active and see if folks want to share 😀 Hope you're having a restful week so far! -Alesandra ( Team)

    2. This is the other link that I didn't get listed.

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