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Feel groggy on waking..

Regardless of whether Ive had bad or better night, I feel like death when I wake up. Really zombified. Can hardly function. Is this normal for stage 2 copd?

  1. Hi Lyn, thanks for your kind reply. I'm actually waiting for callback from my gp. I'm going to request a blood test for starters, as my last blood test.....ages ago....showed I was a bit anaemic, but no need for treatment just then. I also have low-ish kidney and liver function....Ive noticed the inside of my eyelids is really pale, has been for ages. I seem to think that indicates iron deficiency....? I have wondered about the sleeping side of things, and will mention to her. Thanks again. 😊

    1. I am stage 4 and I used to have trouble getting a good night's sleep, until I started sleeping with oxygen. Night and day difference! Hope you get it figured out soon. Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep!

    2. I love to know that other people can sleep, it makes me feel better for some reason...I get dreadfully tired but so many things going on. Apart from copd and asthma, I've got fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid, low kidney function, anaemia, depression and anxiety, plus eyesight and hearing problems blah blah....anyway, Ive got some blood tests coming up, so might get some take care of yourself. X

  2. That's a terrible way to wake up! The fact is, COPD can cause a very disturbed sleep in many people - even if you think you're sleeping well. Have you ever had a sleep study? If not, you may want to speak to your doctor about it. It might reveal an underlying sleep issue that can be helped. If not a full sleep study, your doctor may suggest an overnight pulse oximetry test. This would tell the doctor if your oxygen levels are dropping considerably while you sleep.

    I also thought you'd find this article helpful. It discusses a number of practical things you can do to get a better nights sleep.

    Lyn (COPD site moderator)

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