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Does anyone have tips for showering with COPD?

Share your suggestions for easing the burden of bathing & showering.

  1. While showering I use chair ,my oxygen , hand held shower spray , leave door open , you can get out of breath so its best to have some one there

    1. Also get your mind set to relax!!! If I'm too hot I will turn on cooler water before I get out

    2. , I love this, and the cooler water is a great tip! Thanks for sharing with us! ~Melanie Merritt (team member)

  2. I use the shower chair, and my oxygen hose held in place with a wash cloth over my nose to stop water, it seems to help, wash hair first . I wish I had a husband that would install walk in tub you are very lucky.

    1. thanks for sharing your shower routine with us, I am glad you have found some things that help when you shower. ~Melanie (team member)

  3. I do a nebulizer treatment beforec showering
    Take my oxygen tank in with me
    Use a shiwer stool
    Wash my hair first that for me i
    Uses the most energy
    Use warm water
    Leave door open
    I do sink washing in between showers as it akes up so much energy.
    And i also use dry shampoo spray in between for my hair

    1. That sounds like a very thorough and well-thought-out plan. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful rest of the day! - John M. ( Team)

  4. Deathly afraid of showering. Feel smothered. Wear my oxygen right in the shower. Use a stool. Leave door open slightly. Need assistance.

    1. Having a shower is a terrifying experience for those of us with chronic illness like COPD. There is the humidity, the feeling of drowning and the exertion it takes. Planning ahead of time and having everything you will need and being prepared really helps. I use a shower chair, and a Terry robe to dry myself. Even though you turn your 02 up, it is a given that you will be short of breath when you get out of the shower. Even though this is true there are pluses to having a shower too. The feeling of having accomplished and conquered the shower, the feeling of personal hygiene being paramount. It can be the only task you complete today and will still be worth it.

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