Keep Planning New Adventures.

Keep Planning New Adventures

One of the things that mom and I did consistently was plan new adventures.  There were many times that she would tell me that she wasn’t sure if she would ever go with me again, but without fail, after a short while, she would dig deep for more courage and agree to another adventure.

Some of our adventures in the early stages were to the mall, the beach and even to Hawaii.  As she progressed, our trips to a nearby beach and Disney World became our lofty goals.  Then when things got really bad, our lofty goal was an afternoon picnic or lunch at one of her favorite restaurants.  The picnic was the one adventure with the kids that we were not able to do.  However, she mastered reigning in her fears and pushing through just to spend time with us, making memories.  She could have easily stopped doing things a few years earlier, but she was determined to show us the courage that she wanted to see inside of us.

The last time we took mom to Disney World, we knew that she had pushed herself.  I was so proud of her.  She gave in to the idea of going with us, but she was very nervous about it.  This would be the first trip that we would take with her and my son (at the time, 2 years old).  She was convinced that it would be too much on us.  She thought that she would be a burden, and she knew that we would all have to take it easy to stay at her pace.  I am so grateful that she decided to go.  It was on that trip that I took tons of photos and videos of her having a great time with my son, and it is those photos and videos that will help him to remember his maw maw.

After the trip to Disney World, I immediately started talking about going to the beach.  She kept saying no.  She even spent a week in the hospital about six weeks after we returned from Disney.  During that time, I talked about the ocean, sea shells and breathing the salt air.  Eventually, she decided that she would try it, and again, we had a great time building memories.  This trip was the one trip that I did not document well enough.  I regret not having more photos and videos.

Even the most normal activities can become adventures.  It all depends on how you approach them. Remember to take photos and videos of your adventures.  These are the moments that we all want to remember.  They are the proof of courage and joy in the middle of all that you are going through.

One thing for sure, if you stop planning new adventures, you will begin to look at leaving the home as impossible.  Dig deep.  Find the courage that you never knew you had, and go have an adventure!

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