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I grew up with a generation of smokers in a smoking household. Not blaming anyone except myself but, I smoked for over 25 years and developed COPD. I was diagnosed as “severe” in 2011. Read more.

a small turkey in between a with with a broom and Santa with his bag


Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday – way beyond Christmas which has become so commercialized it’s no longer recognizable to me.

The Fall

Love the fall. It’s my favorite season. I feel like my lungs open up (relatively, for someone with COPD) and


I Googled, “vaping” and “death” just now. There have been so many awful headlines lately and so much bad/sad news

The Brooklyn Bridge leading to a pair of lungs

New Lungs!

Sometimes I fantasize about having new lungs. Seriously. I’ve applied for a lung transplant and I’m making progress. Catch-22 situation


We’re having a terrible problem at home these days: of spam phone calls – to both mobile phones and land-lines