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I was an EMT-I and working ambulance for numerous years before health changed things. First I was diagnosed with adult asthma and allergies. About a year later, my doctors sent me to National Jewish where I was diagnosed with COPD...

By Janet Plank - September 21, 2017
The last thing that I want to tell a group of people is that I’m overweight. I’m not just overweight, I’m obese. I’ve been dieting for years. Looking back, I have been... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - August 1, 2017
When I think of better health, I think of fewer health issues, fewer doctor appointments and yes, better health. It seems strange to talk about better health when you are looking at... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - May 19, 2017
When I was 19, I was pushed into lighting a cigarette, actually it happened frequently. I got past the rotten taste and realized that I was losing weight, a lot of weight,... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - February 10, 2017
So often talking with COPDers, the discussion goes to what they can’t do anymore, how they failed, let themselves down, let others down, and so many other things. Depression and anxiety seem... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - December 6, 2016
So often with a chronic illness, a person becomes depressed. It gets so difficult to feel like we struggle so often. We get sick of being sick… tired of being so tired... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - September 7, 2016
Your breathing is most important. You will have similar effects year round, however in many places summer is a big change from winter. Summer brings it’s own challenges. Here, where I live,... READ MORE

By Janet Plank - June 21, 2016
When talking with people about their journey with COPD, it’s important to remind each person that they are unique in their own disease. Too often people think that we have COPD.  We... READ MORE