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Expert Answers: One Thing About COPD

When it comes to COPD, there is so much information out there and so many things to learn. So, in honor of COPD awareness month, we asked our experts: What’s one thing you can’t emphasize enough for a person with COPD? Find out what they said in response, and add your comments below! And don’t forget to spread the word this month by changing your avatar to raise awareness, or simply by sharing articles that educate others about COPD!

Response from Leon
If there is only one thing to underscore about the complexities of dealing with COPD, it would be that COPD is a treatable illness. Recognizing that single fact will then direct you to the vast array of resources and information that is readily available to help yourself, your family, your friends and caregivers provide the necessary assistance to live a productive and satisfying life throughout the years.

Everything about the community is geared towards helping members deal with chronic obstructive lung disease in all its various presentations.

Response from Lyn
Keep a Positive Attitude! I know it sounds trite, but a positive outlook is half the battle. Over the years I’ve been amazed at the COPD patients I’ve met that have proved this to be true. Ones who are determined to live their life to the fullest despite their COPD invariably have better outcomes. They are the people that see their glass as half full instead of half empty. They all have the same philosophy: “I don’t feel as good as I once did, but I don’t feel as bad as I might or could”. “I can’t walk a block without getting winded, but I can still walk”. “I wear oxygen 24 hours a day, but I’m still breathing”. You get the point. Granted, some people are just more optimistic and positive than others, but I know I can certainly take a lesson or two from these cheerful, sunny people.

Response from Tonya
Live! Live every moment like it is your last. Every stage is hard, and you might even think that there is no way that you can continue. However, you will find a new normal. Always work at your physical and respiratory therapy and live life to the fullest that you can.


What are your thoughts or experiences on this topic? What’s one thing you think is especially crucial for managing COPD? Please share in the comments!